Kubota ProLine Single Rotor Rakes

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ProLine Single Rotor Rakes

Th Proline Rakes
TerraLink Quattro – excellent ground adaptation thanks to a simple system with no joints to wear out
Excellent manoeuvrability with steered wheels for tight turns of up to 80° - if the rotors are lifted on steep slopes the system reliably counteracts.

Kubota Rakes have a number of unique and key features:-

- Long life time due to double bearings for crown wheel and pinion
- Pinion separate from drive line; no influences of movements from working or transport position
- Cam track and tine arms maintenance-free, running in an oil bath
- No greasing points for tine arms

Cam Track
- All components of the tine arm control and bearings are located in an oil bath gearbox
- No maintenance, minimum wear.
- Radial tine arm control enables a very compact construction
- Cam track diameter 270 mm

Tine Arms
Cranked tine arms on all CompactLine rakes:-
- Tines are always showing angle towards driving direction
- Prevents material to be pushed inside
- More capacity and improved performance
- Higher lifting out of the swath along swath board
- More even and regular swath

Machine Specifications

Model: RA1542 / RA1546

Working width: 4.20m / 4.60m

Weight: 610 kg / 660 kg

Arms - Tines per Arm: 12, 4 / 13, 4

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Newport. NP10 8SR.