Toro ProCore® SR54 / SR54-S

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ProCore® SR54 / SR54-S
ProCore® SR54 / SR54-S

This compact, lightweight machine can aerify to depths of up to 250 mm, leaving a smooth playing surface. The SR54 produces a “soft touch” and is the ideal machine for aerifying at a deep level, quickly and efficiently.

The maximum in performance and efficiency, the new, lightweight SR54-S offers the smooth, superior punching power of the SR54 with the ability to follow undulations. The SR54-S is equally balanced on two rollers allowing for less ground pressure on the playing surface.

Machine Specifications

Aerating Depth : 25 to 250 mm

Aerating Width : 137 cm

Aeration Speed : 1.5- 2.5 mph@400 PTOrpm(varies with hole spacing)

Hole Spacing : 64 to 102 mm

Lift Capacity : 682 kg

Lift System and weight: Standard 3-point 450 kg - 567 kg with PTO and Top Link

Productivity : 3,345 square meters per hour

Recommended Counter Weight : 70 kg

Tractor PTO : 400-500 RPM

Tractor Size : 11.9 to 13.4 kW (16 to 18 hp)

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