Toro Greensmaster® 3150-Q Riding Mowers

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Greensmaster® 3150-Q Riding Mowers
Greensmaster® 3150-Q Riding Mowers Greensmaster® 3150-Q Riding Mowers

The new Greensmaster® 3150-Q is the quietest engine-powered riding greens mower in the industry. This is a tremendous achievement in reducing noise for bystanders on and near the golf course, along with the operator.

The Greensmaster® 3150-Q provides full operator control and superior convenience. The hydrostatic drive system includes dynamic braking, which eliminates speeding up on downslopes. The joystick control panel is connected to the seat base, so the controls maintain their position for the operator and the seat slides to compensate for the varied height and size of the operators. The open steering arm allows right or left exit, with tilt adjustment and is adjustable at the base for larger operators. Additional features include 3 wheel drive and ROPS and a storage compartment for raingear or radio.


Learn about the innovative Dual Point Adjustment (DPA) Cutting System allowing greens mowers to cut as low as 1/16 inch (2 mm).

Quietest Operation
The Greensmaster® 3150-Q is THE QUIETEST engine-powered riding greens mower on the market. The new muffler absorbs more close and long-range sounds than ever before.

Patented DPA Cutting Units
Precision manufactured cutting units with minimal adjustments and the proven ability to maintain adjustment for longer periods of time provide superior cutting performance.

Perfect Triangle Wheel Stand Design
The Triangle Wheel Stand places the rear wheel track within the radius of the front wheel, which prevents accidentally dropping the rear wheel into a nearby sand bunker while making the turn for the next mowing path.

Maintenance Ease
All components, especially those that require daily inspection and routine maintenance, are conveniently located for servicing. Toro riding greens mowers have fewer hydraulic lines and connectors are engineered for easy visual inspection for leakage on all hydraulic components.

Leak Detection
The dependable Turf Guardian™ leak detection system provides immediate audio and visual indication of possible hydraulic fluid leaks.

Patented 3 Wheel Drive Technology
The unique Series/Parallel System design features out-perform any other 3-wheel drive system on uphill or sidehill operation. This system guarantees power to the wheel which requires it most.

Safe Operation
The placement of the center cutting unit, located between the the front traction wheels, along with the front center basket removal, allows a low mounting design of the transmission and engine. This lowers the center of gravity, giving the machine much higher hillside stability.

Low Cutting Unit Pull Points
Eliminate tipping forces in turns, especially advantageous on perimeter cuts and where cutting unit slides rather than tips. Therefore, no pressure is exerted on the inside of the cutting unit which avoids turf stress.

Safety Interlock System
Toro's riding greens mowers are equipped with safety interlock systems. Machine cannot be started if the implement or traction is engaged. Machine can only be started if brake is engaged and operator is seated. Reels cannot be operated in transport speed or without operator in the seat.

Machine Specifications

Greensmaster® 3050/3100/3150-Q: B & S Vanguard®,petrol, 18 hp@3600 RPMs, Governed to 2850 RPMs

Greensmaster® 3250-D: Kubota902tier 4i,3cylinder,liquid cooled,Diesel,16.2hp

Mowing Speed : 0 to 3.8 mph

Transport Speed : 0 to 8.1 mph

Cutting Width: 150 cm

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